IB1 Chemistry and Physics Exams

June 19, 2014

Here are links to the Final Exams and Answers for AAS 2014

IB1ChemistryAAS2014FinalExam IB1ChemistryFinalExamAAS2014Answers

IB1PhysicsFinalExamAAS2014 IB1PhysicsFinalExamAAS2014Answers


Physics 9 June 2-6 HW

June 2, 2014

Class#1 The Eye and Sight PPTTheEyeandSight Read Handout. Addition and Subtraction of ColoursTheory Notes Colour and Vision Lab: PhET Simulation Lab – Color Vision  http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/color-visionFinish Waves WS Physics9LightWaveWS

Class#2 Review of Waves (All Period) Test on Monday. WavesPhysics9ReviewSheet 🙂

IB1 Physics June 2-6 HW

June 2, 2014

Class#1 Quantum Theory and Uncertainty Tsokos 6.5 Ts6.5QuantumUncertainty Quantum Theory PPT 49 Quantum Physics Rd Tsokos Questions (1-12) 65QuantumIBExamQuestionsAnswers

Class#2 Nuclear Physics Tsokos 6.6 Ts6.6Nuclear Questions 1-12 Nuclear Physics PPT 50 Nuclear Physics How to Find the Radius of a Proton? TheProtonRadiusHowtoFindProblemSA BainBridge Massspectrometer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAfwIwqUBs8

Class#3 Review of Nuclear and Quantum. Unit Test on Tuesday. 🙂 Final Exam Friday June 13… eeeeh!NuclearAtomicIB1PhysicsReviewAnswers NuclearAtomicReviewQuestions2014

IB1 Chemistry June 2-6 HW

June 1, 2014

Class#1 HL Extra Class Vapour Pressure HLIB_VaporPressure LiquidVapourEquilibriumHLIBChemPPT AC Text Vapour Pressure 11.6. SL Notes Contact Process Contact Process

Class#2 Review of Equilibrium. EquilibriumReview2013 EquilibriumReview2013Answers

Extra Ethics Jekyll and Hyde Haber Process: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/cip/information_for_students/find_your_degree/modules/jekyll_and_hyde.page http://drchemical.com.au/ammonium-nitrate-the-jekyll-and-hyde-chemical

Class#3 Unit Test Equilibrium. (All Period) 🙂

IB1 Physics May 26-30 HW

May 27, 2014

Class#1 Nuclear Reactions Section 6.3 Tsokos Ts6.3NuclearReactions PPT:27 Nuclear reactions, fission and fusion

Class#2 Matter/Energy/Interaction Section 6.4 Tsokos Ts6.4InteractMatterEnergy 49 Quantum Physics Questions (1-10)

IBExam Question: RadioActiveDecayQuestionandAnswerIBExam

Physics 9 May 26-30 HW

May 26, 2014

Class#1 Start Light and Electromagnetic Waves ElectromagneticWavesPPTPhysics9 Physics 9 Worksheet Physics9LightWaveWS Worksheet Website: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/light/u12l2a.html

Class#2 Polarization: 45 Polarisation Reflection and Refraction of LightWaves Lab. Snell’s Law Lab: Intro: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/refrn/Lesson-2/Snell-s-Law Lab: SnellsLawLab Continue Physics9LightWaveWS Worksheet Website: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/light/u12l2a.html

Class#3 The Eye and Sight PPTTheEyeandSight Read Handout. Addition and Subtraction of ColoursTheory Notes

IB1 Chemistry May 26-30 HW

May 26, 2014

Class#1 LeChatelier’s Animation Tutorial. Equilibrium Worksheet.EquilibriumProblems Haber ProcessHaberProcessPPT HaberprocessSociety le_chatelier_notes Le_Chatelier’s_Questions AC Text Rd 11.1-11.5 Questions pg 184#1-4,5-6

Class#2 Lab: IBEquilibriumLabLeChatelier Exploration Haber Process Simulation Lab:Habers_ProcessCalcLab  SL Review: EquilibriumReview2013 EquilibriumReview2013Answers

Cultural Trips/CAS/Group 4 Project Week

May 19, 2014

No Classes May 19-22, 2014 (Just classes of a different type) 🙂

Physics 9 May 12-16 HW

May 9, 2014

Class#1 Waves Slinky Lab: SlinkyWaveLab (Finish and Handin)  WavesHWWorksheet (Need Laptop) HW is complete pg 1-12(All questions)

Class#2 Standing Waves. Waves and Sound Standing Waves http://zonalandeducation.com/mstm/physics/waves/standingWaves/standingWaves1/StandingWaves1.html Complete Worksheet.

Class#3 Standing Waves and Sound Lab. Standing Waves in a Closed Tube Lab Interesting Physics Music Info http://fiziks.net/Music%20Sample%20Chapter%20Seven/musicsamplechapter7.htm

IB1 Physics May 12-16 HW

May 9, 2014

Class#1 Atomic and Nuclear Physics Radio-Active Decay 26 Radioactive Decay Tsokos Section 6.2  Ts6.2Radioactivity questions 1-18. Labs: Alpha Decay https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/alpha-decay Alpha Decay Lab Handout

Class#2 Continue Lab Alpha Decay https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/alpha-decay Alpha Decay Lab Handout Lab Beta Decay: https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/beta-decay BetaDecayLabHandout