IB1 Chemistry June 2-6 HW

Class#1 HL Extra Class Vapour Pressure HLIB_VaporPressure LiquidVapourEquilibriumHLIBChemPPT AC Text Vapour Pressure 11.6. SL Notes Contact Process Contact Process

Class#2 Review of Equilibrium. EquilibriumReview2013 EquilibriumReview2013Answers

Extra Ethics Jekyll and Hyde Haber Process: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/cip/information_for_students/find_your_degree/modules/jekyll_and_hyde.page http://drchemical.com.au/ammonium-nitrate-the-jekyll-and-hyde-chemical

Class#3 Unit Test Equilibrium. (All Period) 🙂


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