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IB2 Chemistry May5- HW

May 7, 2014

IB Exams! 🙂 Good Luck!


IB2 Chemistry Apr 28-May 2 HW

April 28, 2014

Class#1/2/3 Review of Old Exams (All Period) 🙂

IB2 Chemistry Apr 11-14 HW

April 15, 2014

Class#1/2 Review of IB Exams. (All Period) 🙂

IB2 Chemistry Apr 7-11 HW

April 7, 2014

Class#1/2/3 Continued Review of IB Exams. 🙂

IB2 Chemistry Mar 31-Apr 4 HW

March 31, 2014

Class#1/2 Continued Review of IB Exams. 🙂

IB2 Chemistry Mar 24-28 HW

March 24, 2014

Class#1/2/3 Review of Mock Exams and Continued Review of IB Chemistry. Be sure to Watch… 

IB2 Chemistry Mar 10-14 HW

March 10, 2014

Class#1 100 Things to Think about…Look at these

Review Prepared for Mock Exams. 🙂

Class#2/3 Mock Exams. IB Chemistry Part 1/2 8:30 Friday March 14, 2014. Part 3 Thursday March 20, 12:10 pm. Good Luck!

IB2 Chemistry Mar 5-7 HW

March 4, 2014

Class#1 Unit Test Environmental Take Up (30 min) Look at these

IB2 Chemistry Feb 24-27 HW

February 24, 2014

Class#1 Review of SL/HL  Sections Sample Exams   Assignment of Wiki Spaces Topic:

Class#2 Unit Test Environmental Chemistry. 🙂 (All Period)

Try Reviewing through these…

IB2 Chemistry Feb 17-21 HW

February 17, 2014

Class#1 Review of SL Sections Sample Exam Class#1/2   Assignment of Wiki Spaces Topic: IB Chemistry Option E Enviromental Chemistry Presentation Rubric

Class#2 (HL Only) Presentation of HL Topics 1 E1 Air Pollution Nathan 2 E2 Acid Deposition Mr. Z 3 E3 Greenhouse Effect Roze 4 E4 Ozone Depletion Momchil 5 E5 Dissolved oxygen in water Hristo 6 E6 Water Treatment  Dobromir 7 E7 Soil Peter 8 E8 Waste

HL Sections: Hannah 9 E9 Ozone Depletion (HL) Mr. Szeryk  10 E10 Smog (HL) Hristo 11 E11 Acid Deposition (HL) 12 E12 Water and Soil (HL) Momchil

Class#3 Final Review: Topic: IB Chemistry Option E Enviromental Chemistry Presentation Rubric Test Tuesday.