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IB2 Physics May 5- HW

May 7, 2014

IB Exams! 🙂 Good Luck!


IB2 Physics Apr 28-May 2 HW

April 28, 2014

Class#1/2/3 Continue Review of IB Exams. (All Period) 🙂

IB2 Physics Apr 14-17 HW

April 14, 2014

Class#1/2 Continue Review of IB Exams. (All Period) 🙂

IB2 Physics Apr 7-11 HW

April 7, 2014

Class#1/2 Continued Review of IB Exams. 🙂

IB2 Physics Mar 31-Apr 4 HW

March 31, 2014

Class#1/2/3 Continued Review of IB Exams. 🙂

IB2 Physics Mar 24-28 HW

March 24, 2014

Class#1/2 Review of Mock Exams and Continued Review of IB2 Course.

IB2 Physics March 10-14 HW

March 11, 2014

Class#1 Review and Prepare for Mock Exams. (All Period) 🙂

Class#2 Mock Exams. 🙂

IB2 Physics Mar 5-7 HW

March 4, 2014

Class#1 Review and Take up Unit Circular Motion and Gravity Test. Start Review of Course Material.

Class#2 Continue Review of Course Material.Kir01Measurement Kir02Mechanics Kir03Thermal Kir04OcillationsWaves Kir05ElectricCurrents Kik06FieldsForces Kik07AtomNuke Kik08EnergyPowerClimate Kik09MotionInFields Kik10Thermal2 Kik11WavePhenomena Kik12EmInduction Kik13QuantunNuke2 Kik14DigitalTech Kik15OptAsight Kik16OptEastrophysics Kik17OptFCommunications Kik18OptGEMwaves Kik19optHRelativity Kik20optMedicalPhysics Kik21optParticlePhysics Kik22Answers

IB2 Physics Feb 24-27 HW

February 24, 2014

Class#1 Review Day: Finish Labs: Flying Pigs Circular Motion Lab Roller Coaster Design Assignment: Design Assignment The Physics of Roller Coasters Design Uniform Circular Motion: Uniform Circular Motion PPT Tsokos Sections Uniform Circular Motion: Ts2.8Circular. Gravitational Field and Forces: Gravitational Force and Field PPT Ts2.9Gravitation (AHL Class Stuff) Gravitational field, potential and energy Projectile Motion (Tsokos Sections) Ts2.10ProjectileMo Ts2.11MoGravField

Geosynchonous Orbit Calculation:

Kepler’s Law: KeplerDerivationHL

Class#2 Circular Motion Unit Test (All Period) 🙂

IB2 Physics Feb 17-21 HW

February 17, 2014

Class#1/2 (AHL Class) Gravitational field, potential and energy Projectile Motion Tsokos2.11Gravitational Potential PPTb(Tsokos Sections) Ts2.10ProjectileMo Ts2.11MoGravField

Projectile Motion Assignment: TarzanProjectileMotionAssignment

Lagrange Points Video:

Good Notes on Potential,+potential+and+energy

Handin Labs: Flying Pigs Circular Motion Lab FlyingPigsBetterPoBavnoDerivationNotes (Handin) Roller Coaster Design Assignment: Design Assignment The Physics of Roller Coasters Design