IB1 Chemistry May 12-16 HW

May 9, 2014

Class#1 Continue on Equilibrium equilibriumpptEquilibriumNotes. Rd IB Text pg 126-129.  The Equilibrium Equation and Constant for Reactions.EquilibriumConstantPractice EquilibriumConstantAnswers Lab: Lab – An Introduction to Chemical Equilibrium 

Class#2 Le Chatelier’s Principle http://www.mhhe.com/physsci/chemistry/essentialchemistry/flash/lechv17.swf LeChatelier’s Animation Tutorial. Equilibrium Worksheet.EquilibriumProblems Virtual Chemistry Lab: http://www.chm.davidson.edu/vce/equilibria/LeChatelier.html Perform this lab on the computer, you can print it out answer the questions and then hand it in.



IB1 Physics May 7-9 HW

May 7, 2014

Class#1 Review question Sight and Wave Unit. Start New Unit. Atomic and Nuclear Physics. 25 The Atom Tsokos SectionTs6.1AtomNucleus Rd and Finish Section 6.1 Tsokos. Questions 1-11.

Class#2 IB Unit Test Sight and Wave Phenomenon. (All Period!) 🙂

IB1 Chemistry May 7-9 HW

May 7, 2014

Class#1 Unit Test on Kinetics. (All Period) 🙂

Class#2 Start Unit on Equilibrium.equilibriumppt EquilibriumNotes. Lab Simulation of Equilibrium. LabPaperClipEquilibriumLab EquilibriumNotes. Rd IB Text pg 126-129

Physics 9 May 7-9 HW

May 7, 2014

Class#1 MAP Testing. If returned early work on Waves WS  WavesHWWorksheet (Need Laptop) HW is complete pg 1-8(All questions)

IB2 Physics May 5- HW

May 7, 2014

IB Exams! 🙂 Good Luck!

IB2 Chemistry May5- HW

May 7, 2014

IB Exams! 🙂 Good Luck!

IB1 Chemistry Apr 28-May 2 HW

April 28, 2014

Class#1 Extra HL Class Kinetics. HLKineticsPresentationPPT HL IB Chemical Kinetics Notes Rate Laws Worksheet SLHL

Class#2 Continued Review of Kinetics.MnogoKineticsWS Review Sheets WS_MaxwellBoltzmannDistribution KineticsReviewQuestionAnswers

KineticsReview2014IBChemAnswers KineticsReview2014IBChem

Handin Design Kinetics Lab designlabfactorsthataffectreactionratelab

IB2 Chemistry Apr 28-May 2 HW

April 28, 2014

Class#1/2/3 Review of Old Exams (All Period) 🙂

Physics 9 Apr 28- May 2 HW

April 28, 2014

Class#1 Review and Correct Unit Test. Physics 9 MeasurementKinematicsTest

Class#2 Unit Waves/Sound/Energy WavesSoundPPT WavesPPTPhysics Bill Nye Video Waves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGyRe_SGnck WavesHWWorksheet (Need Laptop) HW is complete pg 1-4(All questions)

Class#3 Waves Slinky Lab: SlinkyWaveLab (Finish and Handin)

IB2 Physics Apr 28-May 2 HW

April 28, 2014

Class#1/2/3 Continue Review of IB Exams. (All Period) 🙂