IB1 Physics Apr 29- May 2 HW

Class#1 Review of Sight and Wave Phenomenom. Review and Finish Diffraction Lab. Lab: (DCPCE) Using a Wire to Calculate the Wavelength of a Laser Lab Diffraction Lab TsA1EyeSightSL Ts4.5Dopler Ts4.7Diffraction Ts4.8ResolutionTs4.9Polarization Kirk11WavePhenomena

Review Sight and Wave SightandWaveReview1 SightandWaveReview1Answers SightandWaveReview2 SightandWaveReview2Answers

Class#2 HL Class Relativity Review. Unit Test on Sight and Wave (After St. George) 🙂

Extra HL Class: Option Relativity Tsokos Section H4 on Rleavististic Mechanics. TsH4RelativisticMec (Answer questions in Tsokos) IB Exam Questions on Relativity. http://fcis.aisdhaka.org/personal/chendricks/IB/IB%20Site/Options/HLopt Tsokos Section H5 General Relativity TsH5GenRelativity Kirk19optHRelativity

Tsokos Full Solutions: http://www.katsokos.com/PhySolutions.php PDF TsokosRelativityH1H5FullAnswers

Stephen Hawking Paper on Black Holes: http://www.nature.com/news/stephen-hawking-there-are-no-black-holes-1.14583


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