IB1 Chemistry Apr 7-11 HW

Class#1 Finish Rate Law Lab “Sulfur Clock Reaction” Lab. Rate Law Lab. ratelawlab.

Reaction Rates: ReactionRatesNotes DeterminingRateLawsFromDataDeterminingRateLawsFromData determine-the-rate-law-from-experimental-data2011 Rate Notes (Online) http://chemistry.bd.psu.edu/jircitano/kinetics.html

Start Lab with Computers Lab ReactionRatesITLab. Rate Law Lab. ratelawlab. You will have 2 periods in which to do this lab, as you will be making the solutions that you will be using.

Class#2 Design Lab. Factors that affect the Rate of a Reaction.DesignLabFactorsthataffectReactionRateLab.

Class#3 Finish Design Lab DesignLabFactorsthataffectReactionRateLab Review WS Rate Laws Worksheet SLHL The Rate and Order of a Chemical Reaction Lab MnogoKineticsWS

Extra HL Stuff(Danton Read These…) HLKineticsPresentationPPT HL IB Chemical Kinetics Notes


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