IB1 Chemistry Feb 24-27 HW

Class#1 Start in on New Unit Energetics. Heat and Enthalpy. Chapter5 IB Text. EnthalpyNotes Exothermic vs Endothermic Rd IB Text pg 92-98 EndoThermic vs Exoothermic Lab exo_endo_labThermite Reaction ThermiteReactionLab

Class#2 Specific Heat Specific Heat PPT IB1 Chemistry Lab on Enthalpy of Reactions. ZincCopperSulfateLab Finish Lab and Writeup. Read IB Text 92-95.SpecificHeatWorksheet-1. Enthalpy. ThermochemistryEnthalpyReactions IB Text pg 95-98. Specific Heat HW specific heat worksheet2


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