IB1 Physics Feb 17-21 HW

Class#1 Review/Finish: Section 3.1 (Tsokos) Thermal Concepts Rd pg 158-161 Ques #1-6 pg 161. Rd Course Companion pg 109-117 Thermal Physics – Thermal Properties of Matter HW Tsokos. Thermal Physics – Thermal Properties of Matter Thermal Properties Tsokos Ts3.2Therm Rd pg 163-170 Ques #1-6 pg 161. Ideal_Gases_and_Kinetic_Theory Gas Properties PhET Lab http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/gas-properties GasLawsPhETLab

Review SL/HL IB Physics_Thermodynamics_Worksheet IB_Physics_Thermodynamics_Worksheetanswers Assignment Complete and Upload/Handin 2 worksheets. Assignment#1ThermalPhysics Assignment2ThermalPhysics Extra Practice (IB type questions) Thermal SL practice Questions Thermal SL practice question answers Extra: Determining Specific Heat capacity – IB

Class#2 SL and HL MiniQuiz Mometum (20 min) AHL Class:(HL Only) (HL Only)10.1 Thermodynamics Gas LawsPPT  PV=nRT (You will never forget) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO5f50wELjA 10.2 Thermodynamic ProcessesPPT AHL Tsokos Section 3.3-3.4 Ts3.3Therm Ts3.4Therm

Class#3 (HL Class) 10.3 Thermodynamics Second Law and EntropyPPT  Processes: http://ibphysicsstuff.wikidot.com/processes Tsokos Section 3.3-3.4 Ts3.3Therm Ts3.4Therm 10.4 Thermodynamics Second Law and EntropyPPT Finding Ro Lab FindingRoLabHL

Extra HL Notes: KThermal2HLNotes


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