IB2 Chemistry Jan 7-10 HW

Class#1  Medicines and Drugs (Mind Altering Drugs) Unit. http://ibchemistrymedicinesanddrugs.wikispaces.com/D.10+%28HL%29+Mind+Altering+Drugs Rd IB Handout Text Section Depresants MedicinesandDrugsNotes Write up Lab: Design Lab: AntacidDesignLab 🙂 Sample IB Exam Questions: ReviewquestionsJan72013 ReviewquestionsJan7Answers

Class#2 Medicines and Drugs (HL Class) http://ibchemistrymedicinesanddrugs.wikispaces.com/D.8+%28HL%29+Drug+Action (Drug Action) http://ibchemistrymedicinesanddrugs.wikispaces.com/D.9+%28HL%29+Drug+Design (Drug Design) MedicinesandDrugsNotes Review through all notes and questions. 


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