Physics 10 Dec 2-6 HW

Class#1 Physics 10 Course Overview: Physics10AASSofiaCourseOverview Physics Quiz Online: measurements-and-uncertainties Handouts sci_engin_notation,units_quantities,accpreerr. Graphing Practice graphing practice .

Review and New Kinematics/Mechanics in One Dimension. PhysicsGrade10PhysicsCh1MotioninOneDimension Distance/Displacement Velocity/Speed, and Acceleration. Sample Questions:

Class#2 Hiker Lab: hikerlab Sample Problems

Class#3 Finish and Complete Hiker Lab. Rd PhysicsGrade10PhysicsCh1MotioninOneDimension (Answer questions Chapter end) Lab Activity: An Exercise in Safety: pg 37 pdf Text.LabALessoninSafety


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