IB1 Physics Nov 18-22 HW

Class#1 Work, Energy and Power. Work Energy and PowerPPT Overview of Work, Energy, and Power. WorkEnergyPowerOutlineIB1Physics Rd Tsokos (Answer questions) Ts2.7WorkEnergyPower

Class#2  Starter Exam Question: PowerEnergySampleExamQuestion m08PowerMomentumB4AnswerPhysics HL paper 2 TZ1 Lab: Power Lab “World’s StrongPeople Competition”  World Strong People Competition Human Power Lab Physics Strong People Competition Worksheet on Power PowerLabWorksheet. If time Permits. Lab Momentum MomentumLabNasaExploration

Do we live in the Matrix? http://discovermagazine.com/2013/dec/09-do-we-live-in-the-matrix#.UosrT8Rmj3V


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