IB2 Physics Nov 18-22 HW

Class#1 8.1 Energy degradation and power generation Tsokos Sections Rd. Ts7.1EnergyPower Kirk08EnergyPowerClimate Unit Overview http://hendricksphysics.wikispaces.com/%E2%80%A2+Energy%2C+power+and+climate+change

Class#2 Starter Exam Question. SampleFossilFuelExamQuestionTZ22010HP2 MARKSCHEME – Physics HL paper 2 TZ2pg11 Lab: Hydro Power Simulation: Hydro Power Simulation

Class#3 Energy Production Assignment: IB2 Physics Energy Production Presentation Assignment Due Dec 2, 2013 (Class to work on Assignment) Tsokos Sections Rd. Ts7.1EnergyPower

Bulgarian Electricity: http://www.kznpp.org/index.php?lang=en&p=about_aec&p1=company_profile


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