IB2 Chemistry Nov 11-15 HW

Class#1 (HL Only) OrganicReactions OrganicReactionsSummarySheet http://ibchem.com/IB/ibnotes/brief/org-hl.htm Reaction Pathways Link SLHL

AminesAmidesWS  EstersWS structuresEsters namesAminesAmidesAnswers namesEstersAnswers structuresAminesAmidesAnswers

Class#2/3 Review of Organic Chemistry  Organic Reactions: OrganicReactions OrganicReactionsSummarySheet Rd Chapter 22 AC Text pg 396-419 Questions pg 420 #3,4,5,6. Continue HW: PredicttheproductsOrganicReactions Predict the Products Answerspg1 Predict the Products Answerspg2 Predict the Products Answerspg3 Assignments: ProblemSet12_1 ProblemSet12_2

Reaction Pathways: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPpjSB6hUS8

Fun Lab: A Silly Polymer Lab


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