IB2 Physics Nov 5-8 HW

Class#1 Continue Review  Kirk05ElectricCurrents ElectricalCurrents51Questions ElectricCurrents51Answers ElectricCurrentMCquestions  Kirk22AnswersMore Circuit Questions http://fcis.aisdhaka.org/personal/chendricks/IB/IB%20Site/PractCircuitsProbs.html (Handin Lab Resistance/ Length) Electric Circuits Test (Tuesday Nov 12, 2013) Magnetism Hand Rules: MagnetismHandRules

Class#2 HL Only: Ts5.7EmInduction Ts5.8AC 46 Induced EMF 47 Alternating Current 48 Transmission of Electrical Power Kirk12EmInduction  AC Generator Applet http://www.fed.cuhk.edu.hk/sci_lab/Simulations/phe/generator_e.htm

Lenz’s Law Faraday Videos




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