IB2 Chemistry Oct 28-Oct 31 HW

Class#1 Review: Functional Group Properties PropertiesOfOCFunctionalGroups Lab Building Organics OrganicModelingLab Rd Chapter 21 Organic Chemistry is AC Text.

Organic Reactions: OrganicReactions OrganicReactionsSummarySheet Rd Chapter 22 AC Text pg 396-419 Questions pg 420 #3,4,5,6.

Class#2 Ester Lab: (All Period) labester EsterLab 2013 AAS List of Ester Odorants Salicylic Acid Derivatives Info

HW: PredicttheproductsOrganicReactions Predict the Products Answerspg1 Predict the Products Answerspg2 Predict the Products Answerspg3


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