IB2 Physics Oct 21-25 HW

Ts5.7EmInductionClass#1 PhysicsFreeFallWithSmartPhone Continue Electric Circuits Electric circuits PPT Rd Tsokos Section 5.5 Electric Circuits Ts5.5Circuits Questions pg 328 1-41 :-) IB Physics Electricity Definitions and Concepts Electric Circuits Online HW http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/worksheets/dc_sp.html Convential vs Electron Flow? http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_1/chpt_1/7.html

Lab:(DCP CE) Resistance of a Copper Wire. (Perform and Complete)

Class#2 Finish Lab:(DCP CE) Resistance of a Copper Wire. (Perform and Complete) Due Tuesday Oct 29, 2013 Review http://hendricksphysics.wikispaces.com/%E2%80%A2+Electric+currents  Kirk05ElectricCurrents  ElectricCircuitsCompleteNotes

Magnetic Forces and Fields Magnetic Force and Field(PPT) http://hendricksphysics.wikispaces.com/%E2%80%A2++Fields+and+forces+%26+Electromagnetic+induction

Left and Right Hand Rules: (Conventionalvs Electron Flow) ConventionalvsElectronFlow (If electron flow then Left Hand if Conventional then right hand) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlS2jdFrDlc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWg3B3LAVI0

Class#3 Extra HL Class Topic 12 Electromagnetic Induction.46 Induced EMF Complete Tsokos Section 5.7 (All Questions)

KHAN Videos https://www.khanacademy.org/science/physics/electricity-and-magnetism/v/magnetism-9–electric-motors


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