IB2 Chemistry Oct 21-25 HW

Class#1  More Naming? organic naming Isomers HomologousSeriesLab Functional Groups Handout of IB Sheet. Go over Handout of Functional Groups and Naming Functional Groups. Some interesting links on Properties of Different Functional Groups http://www.absorblearning.com/media/attachment.action?quick=11u&att=2713 http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/acids/background.html http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Organic_Chemistry/Alcohols/Properties_of_Alcohols  http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/introduction-to-chemistry-general-organic-and-biological/s18-04-physical-properties-of-carboxy.html http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/carbonyls/background.html

Class#2 Functional Group Properties PropertiesOfOCFunctionalGroups Lab Building Organics OrganicModelingLab Rd Chapter 21 Organic Chemistry is AC Text.

Extra HL OpticalIsomers OpticalIsomersPPT SN_Kinetics MassSpec_Organic Polymerization Rd IB Text pg 214-220.


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