IB2 Chemistry Oct 14-16 HW

Class#1 Start New Unit Organic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry Unit. OrganicChemIntroHandout of Organic Chemistry Prefixes.Hydrocarbons  StructureAlkanes Organic Chemistry AC Text Chapter 21 Handouts Rd pg 384-389 Alkenes and Alkynes.NamingAlkenesAlkynes AC Text Chapter 14.

Class#2 Isomers IsomersHW IB Text pg 187-198 PropertiesOfOCFunctionalGroups,  HomologousSeriesLab Functional Groups Handout of IB Sheet. Go over Handout of Functional Groups and Naming Functional Groups. Some interesting links on Properties of Different Functional Groups http://www.absorblearning.com/media/attachment.action?quick=11u&att=2713 http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/acids/background.html http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Organic_Chemistry/Alcohols/Properties_of_Alcohols  http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/introduction-to-chemistry-general-organic-and-biological/s18-04-physical-properties-of-carboxy.html http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/carbonyls/background.html


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