IB1 Physics Oct 7-11 HW

Class #1Angry Birds FUN! AngryBirds 80 Degrees MP4 (Download this video into Looger Pro. Find the acceleration on Angry Bird World!)Finish and Handin Distance/Acceleration/Time Graphs. Lab Acceleration of a Marble: http://www.physics-inthinking.co.uk/new-practicals/ball-on-a-slope.htm Use this website lab for guidance (DCP) Acceleration of Ball Down Ramp Acceleration of Freefall Lab. (DCP) Acceleration of Freefall

Class#2 Kinematics Equations Here are the equations:

 v = u + at

 s = \frac{1}{2} (u+v)t
 s = ut + \frac{1}{2} at^2
 v^2 = u^2 + 2as

Moving Man Lab (Demo)  http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/moving-man Work on Tsokos Questions: Section 2.1-2.2. pg 48-62 (All questions)

Logger Pro Videos: Min/Max Lines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkmgouwJUgE Error Bars:



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