IB1 Chemistry Sept 30-Oct 4 HW

Class#1 Review and Finish Percent Composition MgO Lab PercentCompMgO AC Text Rd 9.1-9.3. (Answer all questions) Stoichiometry Lab determination-of-water-content-in-copper-sulfate Solutions SolutionsConcentrationspptSolutions Compositions. Rd AC Text Section 9.5 (Answer questions) SolutionsWorksheet

Class#2 Gases Gas Laws. PV=nRTGasLaws Section 10.2 Mole-Volume Questions.GasLawsWorksheet GasStocioProblems Gas Laws and Mole Conversions. Questions AC Text Section 8-8.3 (All Questions) IB Study Guide Unit #1 pg 5 1-8 11-14. Great Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nO5f50wELjA

Class#3 Design Lab  (All Period) (D) Molar Mass of a Gas LabExtra Stoichiometry Web Problems http://www.sciencegeek.net/Chemistry/taters/Unit4Stoichiometry.ht Review AC Text Section 9-9.5.(All Questions) pg 140 #1-5


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