IB2 Chemistry Sept 16-20 HW

Class#1 Review PPTElectrochemistry Handout Sheet RedoxNotes Extra Notes.91IntroductiontoOxidationReduction Read IB Text Section 9 Pg 175-178 AC Text Section 13-13.3 Oxidation and Reduction Section 9.1 Review. Extra Redox Notes MoreRedox Section 9.2 Oxidation and Reduction Reactions Notes_BalancingRedoxRxns Redox Handout. RedoxReactionsOverview HW AC Text Section 13.1-13.3 Question #1-3 pg 217 AC Text 13.4-13.5 (All questions)

Lesson Reactivity Series: http://www.ibchem.com/IB/ibnotes/full/red_htm/10.2.htm Reactivity Series Online Lab. http://www.harpercollege.edu/tm-ps/chm/100/dgodambe/thedisk/series/series.htm (Complete and Handin)

Class#2 Start in on Electrochemistry Voltaic/Electrolytic Cells. Rd Handout Electrochemistry ElectrochemicalCellNotes Lab:Lab_BuildABattery HW ElectrochemicalCellH

Watch before Class Constructing a Voltaic Cell. (Based on this Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LzHWeqzVSyA (or this Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt_CoN5zJ-E Rd IB Text 163-174

AC Text Section 13.6 pg 222-227  questions pg 238 #1-6 Answer questions 1-4,6,8 Research Design Lab (Library Lab) (D) Factors Affecting Voltage in Voltaic Cell Lab Exemplar Design Lab: ExemplarDesignLab


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