IB1 Physics Sept 16-20 HW

Class#1 Measurement and Error Overview http://ibguides.com/physics/notes/measurement-and-uncertainties MeasurementandErrorWorksheet Vectors: VectorsPPT Definition http://www.traileraddict.com/clip/despicable-me/vectors-introduction  VectorsWorksheet  HW Displacement_Vectors_-_Mission_Area_51 Displacement_Vectors_-_Mission_Area_51_Map

Class#2 Review Powerpoints 01 Orders of Magnitude and Units 02 Measurements and Uncertainties 03 Vectors and Scalars Finish MeasurementandErrorWorksheet Review Physics and Physical Measurement Unit for Test. (Monday/Wednesday) Rd CC Text pg 10-24 Tsokos pg 2-37.


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