IB2 Chemistry Sept 9-13 HW

Class#1 Review of Chemistry from last year.(Any questions)

ReviewQuestionsStoichiometry ReviewQuestions ReviewQuestionsMassSpec

PeriodicityReview EnergeticsReview KineticReview EquilibriumReview

AcidsBaseReview Acid Fun! Listen to Science or Fiction on “The Skeptics Guide to the Universe” http://www.theskepticsguide.org/podcast/sgu/424 (Acid/Base Questions) then answer here. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KWGXBXD Start New Topic Oxidation/Reduction PPTElectrochemistry Handout Sheet RedoxNotes Extra Notes.91IntroductiontoOxidationReduction Read IB Text Section 9 Pg 175-178 AC Text Section 13-13.3 Oxidation and Reduction Section 9.1 Review. Extra Redox Notes MoreRedox

Class#2 Section 9.2 Oxidation and Reduction Reactions Notes_BalancingRedoxRxns Redox Handout. RedoxReactionsOverview HW AC Text Section 13.1-13.3 Question #1-3 pg 217 AC Text 13.4-13.5 (All questions) Reactivity Series and Displacements.Lab: redoxtitrationkmno4dcpce

Class#3 Start in on Electrochemistry Voltaic/Electrolytic Cells. Rd Handout Electrochemistry ElectrochemicalCellNotes Lab:Lab_BuildABattery HW ElectrochemicalCellHW


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