IB1 Chemistry Aug 26-30 HW

Class#1 Class#1 Introductions and Handout of Course Syllabus IB1 Chemistry 2013 SLHL AASSofia Course Outline . General Expectations of class, lab safety and IB in General.IAChemistryLabGuideAAS Great Site to Browse and have Fun With. Web Elements Periodic Table.  Download Chemical Touch Lite. Chemical Touch App Data Booklet ChemistryDataBooklet Informational Package ChemistryGuide  Periodic Table of Videos.

Class#2 Introduction to Chemistry/Periodic Table Periodic Table of Videos., Review of Scientific Notation, Review of the Periodic Table, History of Periodic Table HW Rd pg 47-51 HW pg 80 1-10 1_11sigfigsws 1_12scinotation 2_03histofatomnotes3_ 04historyofperiodictable Unit1PeriodictableWorksheet Review History of Periodic Table. Start working on Periodic Table and Trends.Copper Chloride Lab copperchloridelab


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